Do you have at least one piece of clothing in your wardrobe you always gravitate towards, the one that never fails to help you look stylish even with minimal effort? Maybe it’s that perfect white t-shirt you can pair with absolutely everything, from jeans to a wrap skirt to wide-leg trousers. Or maybe it’s a classic little black dress that you can always count on to make you look sleek and elegant in no time. Or it could be a well-fitted blazer you can throw on over just about any outfit when you need to polish up your look.

It’s a comforting feeling when you have dependable pieces in your wardrobe you can bust out anytime. These staples are essential in any woman’s wardrobe as they allow you to put together outfits that will have you leaving out the door feeling your best.

Unfortunately, your perfect set of wardrobe staples can be a hard find, especially if you’re not sure what are the exact items you need that will complement your everyday style. If you’re just getting started in building your wardrobe staples, here are a few pieces you can consider that will stand the test of time and trends.


Plain White T-Shirt

You can never go wrong with a plain white t-shirt, no matter your personal style. This versatile piece can be mixed and matched with absolutely everything in your wardrobe, whether you’re heading to a fancy evening party or going to a music festival. Consider it as a sort of blank canvas you can use as a jumping off point to decide on what kind of outfit you wish to create for the particular occasion.

If you’re having brunch with your friends at a cafe, tuck your white tee into a flowy midi skirt and put on a pair of flats for a feminine touch or sneakers to add a bit of boyishness to the mix. Wish to wear your comfortable white tee to the office but still maintain a professional appearance? Wear it tucked in with a pair of full-length, wide-leg trousers and top off your look with stilettos or chunky heels. Throw on a tailored blazer over your t-shirt to keep your officewear truly professional.



Speaking of blazers, this is another item that needs to be permanently included in your wardrobe, especially if you’re a working adult. A blazer is the ultimate officewear go-to since it will provide you with a smart and polished appearance, particularly when worn as a full suit with matching trousers. Plus, even if you’re not in the working world or your line of work doesn’t have a business dress code, a blazer is still a good piece to have in your wardrobe as it can easily dress up any outfit.

Want to amp up a t-shirt and jeans look? Throw on a blazer for a smart casual appearance. Or use a blazer to add structure to a flowy outfit such as a loose-fitting maxi dress. If you’re inspired to achieve a luxurious and elegant New Yorker aesthetics, try pairing your blazer with an A-line midi dress and complete your minimal look with a pair of neutral-coloured strappy sandals.


Black Trousers

Just like the blazer, a pair of black trousers is another essential your wardrobe needs that you can wear everywhere and to every occasion. Make sure to choose a pair that fits your body to a T as this will provide you with a much more sophisticated look, preventing you from looking sloppy.

There are several styles of black trousers you can consider to add to your wardrobe. From ankle-length tapered ones to those with a wide leg, all these styles can easily be incorporated into your outfits for the office and beyond. For a sleek corporate look, wear a pair of slim-leg ankle-length trousers with a shirt and blazer and top it off with a pair of heels. Want to channel your inner Victoria Beckham? Wear a white button-down tucked into a pair of full-length, wide-leg trousers and put on high heels to elongate your legs.

For a casual outfit, wear a striped tee with high-waisted trousers and a pair of sneakers. Top off your look with neutral makeup and a red lip to keep you looking flawlessly fresh.


Dark-Wash Jeans

Last but definitely not least, we can’t talk about wardrobe staples without mentioning the ever-reliable jeans. While your first instinct might be to go for the classic lighter blue-wash of denim, when it comes to a pair that you can wear for a variety of occasions, a dark-wash is the way to go. They look much less casual compared to their lighter-wash counterpart, which means you can even wear them to the office and not risk looking like a slob.

Plus, since they can be worn with almost anything, you never have to worry about running out of outfit ideas. Throw on a striped tee for something casual, layer a leather jacket over to dress up your outfit, or tuck in a figure-hugging turtleneck to inject some French style to your look.