Have you ever wished that your skin had a filter in real life that ensured that you looked perfect throughout the day? Great news: that can totally be achieved with a proper skincare regime that suits your skin type and may even help you to restore a youthful glow back into your complexion over time. Find out how to get on track towards smoother, healthier skin by avoiding these 5 absolute no-nos when it comes to caring for your precious visage.


Don’t Exfoliate Too Much

We are not discounting the fact that exfoliation is indeed essential to eliminate dead skin cells and enhance cell regeneration, but do remember that moderation is key for it to work its magic on your complexion. In fact, you should only be exfoliating twice – or at most 3 times – a week. Over-exfoliating and over-scrubbing your skin can lead to tiny lacerations within your delicate dermis, so tone down on the aggressiveness and gently massage your facial scrub into your skin instead. Look towards products that guarantee gentle exfoliation and they also should not contain any abrasive ingredients that may harm the vulnerable layers of your skin. When done correctly, exfoliation can reduce skin woes as it gently buffs away dull skin, enhances blood circulation, and allows better absorption of your skincare products, which ultimately helps you to achieve soft, illuminated skin.


Don’t Use Night-Time Products In The Day

Your skin has different needs at night as compared to during the day, hence there is a reason why certain products are exclusively designed as skincare treatments that should only be used in the PM. The night is when your skin starts to repair and rid itself from all the damage that was caused by exposure to the sun as well as environmental aggressors in the day. Night-time products focus to accelerate the skin’s natural healing process by infusing cell stimulators, retinol and DNA-repairing ingredients within their formula to further amplify the results. On the other hand, daytime products serve as protectants against environmental damage, which perfectly complements your skin’s efforts to ward off free radicals during the day. Besides, PM skincare essentials are also typically infused with retinol and vitamin A to aid skin repair, which could increase your skin’s sensitivity and irritation when exposed to sunlight. That said, always keep your night-time products away from the light of day.


Don’t Cleanse With Hot Water

Always cleanse your skin with cold or lukewarm water and never, under any circumstances, with hot water. The route to beauty can be a painful one sometimes, but cleansing is the only exception to that rule. If the water is too hot to touch, then please do not put it anywhere near your delicate skin. Furthermore, there are literally no pros of washing your face with hot water since it only scalds your skin, strips it of its natural oils, dries it out, and even carries the risk of causing burns to your skin – all of which you definitely do not want to put your skin through. On the contrary, cleansing with cold or lukewarm water will help to gently open up your pores as well as facilitate your cleanser to eradicate pesky dirt and excess oil from your skin.


Don’t Over-Rely On Beauty Drinks

Yes, collagen beauty drinks can certainly work together with your skincare regime to help you get your youthful glow on, but do not just depend on them without adding any other nourishment to your beauty diet. Although beauty drinks like collagen-boosting teas or hyaluronic acid potions can help to provide an extra dose of antioxidants, they just do not contain enough nutrients that will help to make substantial or lasting changes to your skin. Instead, try taking vitamin supplements and natural juices to enhance collagen production within your complexion and maintain hydration levels for an all-around glow that allows your skin to shine from the inside out. Look towards incorporating omega 3s, vitamin Bs, beets and kale to your diet for an instant beauty pick-me-up.


Don’t Believe Every Beauty Tip On The Internet

The Internet may be a great source of educational information that, more often than not, aid us in our beauty journey. However, it is important to note that not all advice is gold. Beauty gurus and bloggers sometimes lack the expertise in certain topics and may provide disastrous tips that actually do more harm than good, so it would be wise to take home remedies and quick hacks with a pinch of salt. Always stay vigilant and do not incorporate dangerous ingredients into your skincare regimen – especially if it already sounds unsafe, to begin with. You do not want to run the risk of ruining your skin since such remedies are not one-size-fits-all solutions for all skin types. What may work for others may not work for your skin, so give it a pass if it seems too good to be true.