We have all been there before: heading out for drinks with our friends last night sounded like a good idea until the next morning. Aside from the throbbing headache, your skin is left lacklustre-looking and dull; seemingly ravaged by the shots that you chugged last night. To revive and renew your complexion, here are some helpful tips to combat skin hangover and restore that glow back into your visage.



Before you head out to pre-game for the night, do keep in your mind that your complexion requires some prep beforehand as well. Since the alcohol in your favourite martinis and champagnes are known for their drying effects on the skin, fight the dehydration with a thorough moisturising ritual an hour before you leave. Put on a nourishing face mask or slather on your hydrating skincare essentials to ensure that your skin is all prepped and ready to go for a night of partying. Besides, fortifying your complexion with a potent pool of emollients and hydrating agents can help to protect your skin against free radicals and ward off unwanted dullness as well as premature ageing signs. Remember to look towards skincare ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and ceramides!


Spritz It

Pack a handy travel-sized facial mist in your bag and your skin will thank you immensely for that. Consider a hydrating facial mist or a makeup fixer that is formulated with humectants for a quick pick-me-up after getting your jive on out at the dance floor. Keep cakiness and greasiness at bay with a few spritzes throughout the night to ensure that your makeup stays looking fresh and gorgeous all night. On top of that, the nourishing ingredients within the facial mist can help to prevent your skin from drying out, which ultimately refreshes your visage through the night and beyond. All it takes is a few seconds to save your skin, so why not?


Hydration Is Key

If you’re not already drinking loads of water every day, you will definitely need to if you intend to head out for an intense night on the town. Aside from getting your skin moisturised and prepped, don’t forget to drink plenty of water before pre-gaming to prevent dehydration. To truly help with hangover skin the next morning, you could also consider alternating each alcoholic beverage with a small cup of water. If you don’t want to kill your buzz, do remember to get your water fix when you get home. Additionally, skincare experts have weighed in on this issue and concluded that alcohol can severely dehydrate your body as well as skin, which can’t be easily resolved with serums and creams. So, drink up!


Eat (And Drink) Good

Do also note that the key to fighting skin hangover lies within your drink choice as well. Sweet cocktails like cosmopolitans and pina coladas consist of large amounts of sugar that can seriously mess with your skin and cause unwanted breakouts. On the other hand, salty drinks such as margaritas and martinis can lead to skin dehydration and puffiness the next morning. However, if you can’t resist your favourite drink, you can always make up for it with a clean diet. What you eat daily matters, and eating healthy can help to lessen the impact of a skin hangover when it happens. Consume superfoods that are rich in vitamin A and potassium to boost moisture levels in your system and rejuvenate your visage.


The Night Is Still Young

To stave off severe skin dehydration and breakouts, don’t just wipe off your makeup and call it a night. Take some time to thoroughly cleanse your face and give it the TLC it deserves before heading to bed. No matter how exhausted you are, always remember to double cleanse, tone up, and moisturise your skin before anything else. To remove all that grease and makeup from your face, cleanse with a makeup remover wipe first and follow up with a gentle cleansing foam to keep your pores clean. Next, restore your skin’s moisture levels with a hydrating toner and a rich moisturising cream to fully recharge your skin. If you want, you can also apply some serum to repair the skin barrier and prevent puffiness. Never, ever head to bed with your makeup on as this can clog up your pores and damage your skin.


The Morning After

The first rule of business when it comes to the morning after a night of partying is caring for your skin. Fight that unwanted puffiness with cooling under eye mask, and purify your complexion with a nourishing sheet mask. Don’t worry about putting on too many masks as this will help to instantly restore the lost moisture within the layers of your skin and give it the care it needs. Meanwhile, hydrate your body with electrolyte-rich and probiotic beverages like coconut water or kombucha to minimise last night’s damage.