The issue surrounding a woman’s need to remove her body hair has always been a controversial one. On the one hand, there are women who proudly display their fuzz from head to toe without hesitation. On the other hand, there are those who prefer going hairless, whether to meet societal expectations or just because they personally want to. Whichever group you fall under, removing your body hair is a personal choice and you should do what makes you feel the most confident and beautiful.

That said, for those who wish to remove their body hair, there is a variety of options available to them. From shaving to professional laser treatments, the procedures involved in removing body hair has evolved over the years to satisfy the different needs of consumers. However, the increasing number of hair removal options can make it confusing to know which one you should opt for.


Which is the Best Hair Removal Method for You?

There are different factors to consider when deciding on which hair removal method to choose. Do you have sensitive skin that tends to react badly after a hair removal session? How much time can you set aside in your schedule for hair removal? How much can you afford to spend? These are some of the things you should think through when choosing a hair removal method that would be the most suitable for you.

Of course, sometimes it just takes a bit of experimenting to find out which method you should opt for. While that means you might be in for a painful journey filled with razor cuts, ingrown hairs and waxing nightmares, it will all be worth it once you find a method that can provide you with the best results for your own body.

To start you off on your journey, we are here to take you through everything you need to know about the different hair removal methods available.


This is the most basic hair removal method there is. Shaving is like the starting point to a woman’s rite of passage into the world of hair removal. It is not only the easiest method to perform but also the most cost-effective out of all the hair removal methods out there. It is pain-free too, which makes it a popular option for those who cannot bear the thought of subjecting their skin to the horrors of waxes or epilators. Shaving, however, requires the most upkeep because it will not leave you in a hairless state for a long period of time. The results you get depends on your own individual body, but shaving will typically keep you fuzz-free for just a few days. Thus, relying on just shaving to remove your body hair will require you to keep up with the routine every few days.


If you are tired of having to shave every few days and do not mind bearing the pain of your body hair being yanked out of your skin, waxing might be a better option for you. Compared to the short-term results of shaving, waxing will leave you hairless for about four to six weeks. However, these results depend on the type of hair too. In general, finer hair will yield longer-lasting results. If you waxed a few days after shaving, the results you get might last for a shorter period of time due to the hair shaft being thicker. Waxing can be done either on your own or by a professional. If you intend to wax your bikini area, getting it professionally done might be a better idea as your skin in this area is extremely sensitive compared to the rest of your body. An expert will know the proper routine to ensure your skin does not have an adverse reaction to the wax.


Like waxing, epilating allows you to remove your body hair from the roots, giving you results that last for a longer period of time. On the pain scale, epilating ranks on a similar level as waxing — it really depends on your individual tolerance. The length of your hair plays a part too. In general, the process will be less painful for shorter hairs as the impact of the roots being pulled out is not as intense. Thus, if you plan to epilate and have relatively long body hair, shave them a few days before epilating. When your hair has grown about half a centimetre, this is a good time to epilate. In the long-term, the pain will become more tolerable as you start getting used to the process. If you are a beginner in epilating, we suggest starting out with areas that are generally less sensitive such as your calves or thighs.

Laser Hair Removal

For those who really dread their hair removal routine or find that their skin does not react well to other hair removal techniques, laser hair removal might be the most suitable option. It will give you the most long-lasting results out of all the other techniques — after multiple sessions, you can be fuzz-free for up to a year. However, do not expect laser hair removal to be a permanent solution to your hairy woes. While the majority of your body hair might eventually stop growing, it is likely that a small percentage will still grow back. Plus, to achieve the best results, you will be required to go for multiple sessions, so if you have the luxury to spend on this method, go right ahead.