There is a reason why the long legs of supermodels like Naomi Campbell and Karlie Kloss are coveted by many women — clothes just look better on their tall and lean frames. We’re not sure why this is so, but the fact that the fashion industry is dominated by slim models whose heights tower above the rest of us common people tells us that fashion designers seem to prefer dressing statuesque women.

Of course, that doesn’t mean clothes look drab and frumpy on those who fall on the petite side. There are no rules to fashion — despite what some fashion “experts” might say — and all that matters is that you feel good in what you’re wearing.

That being said, there are times when the petite of us wish to appear taller and leaner. And barring going for a leg-lengthening surgery (ouch!), the only way to achieve this is through what we wear.


The Fashion Guide to Elongating Your Petite Frame

Every fashion lover knows clothes have the ability to create illusions to alter various parts of your appearance such as the shape and size of your body. A belt cinched at the waist provides you with hourglass curves, the monochrome look makes you look slimmer, and high-waisted bottoms instantly give you legs for days.

If you are in the petite category, there are certain ways for you to utilise clothes to make you look taller and leaner. All it takes is knowing which kinds of styles to go for and learning how to mix and match your clothes so you don’t look like a kid trying to dress like a grown-up.

Ready to get started on your tall transformation journey? Check out these tips so you know what to add to your shopping cart on your next shopping spree:

Floor-Length Trousers

If you are in the mood to pull off a signature Victoria Beckham look and don a pair of wide-leg, high-waisted trousers, be sure to choose ones that are floor-length. When styled with a tucked-in top, it will look like your legs go on forever, especially when you have on a pair of heels hidden underneath your trousers. Never go for a pair of wide-leg trousers that fall at the hip as the lower-rise design will cut the length of your body in an unflattering way. Their super-long length will also make your petite frame look like it is drowning in fabric.

Stick to One Colour

The next time you are out of ideas of what to wear, how about just donning one colour from head to toe? This style is not only a cinch to put together but also one of the easiest ways to elongate your height instantly. The monochrome style can be done in two different ways: either by combining different hues of one colour or sticking to just one shade. If you are on the petite side of things, the latter is the better alternative as you will not be breaking up your frame with varying hues. And don’t stick to just black or white when wearing only one colour in your outfit. While both these colours are definitely the safest way to go when it comes to the monochrome style (plus, they also have the added advantage of making you appear slimmer), feel free to experiment with bolder colours in your outfit.

Go for a High Waist

High-waist bottoms are a must for those with a petite frame as they make the mid-section of the body appear longer than it actually is, especially when worn with a top that is tucked in. However, pay attention to the length of the bottoms when you are wearing something high-waisted. For skirts, opt for those in mini or midi lengths. Pencil skirts that end mid-calf work great too. Avoid maxi skirts as they can look too overwhelming on a petite body. For trousers, cropped ones like culottes are the way to go. Or like we mentioned before, if you wish to wear something longer, go all the way by donning floor-length trousers.

Go Shorter with a Crop Top

Tops with longer hemlines look better with high-waisted bottoms when they are tucked in as they create an illusion of longer legs. But, if you fancy donning a more casual outfit, another style of clothing that pairs well with high-waisted bottoms is a crop top. Since crop tops fall on or above your hips, their combination with high-waisted bottoms will cut your body in a more flattering way, elongating your legs and making you look way taller than you are.

Make Your Clothes Fit

If you are a fan of childhood actors turned fashion designers Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, you probably know their penchant for the oversized style. Billowing shirts two or three sizes bigger paired with balloon-sized pants are one of the signature looks of the Olsen twins, and they totally make their oversized outfits work. But, while the oversized style looks great when done well, it definitely does not do anything to your height if you are petite. So, rather than going oversized all over, go for clothes that fit your body in certain areas. For instance, if you are wearing a dress that fits loosely around your body, cinch it around your waist with a belt. If you are wearing a two-piece suit, opt for a fitted blazer and cropped slim-legged pants.