Soft. Supple. Smooth. For many, these 3 words to describe our skin seem rather distant for some of us as we hit puberty and our body develop. As time goes by, we start to notice hair developing in all sorts of areas. For the lucky few that develop lesser hairs who we know do exist are luckier than the rest of us. This just means lesser time and effort required at the bathroom, spa trying to remove any unsightly body hair. With all the commercials, advertisement of all the leading actors, actresses, athletes and models flawless looking skin, you cannot help but take a little more notice to your body and the quick look into the mirror to see if you are anywhere close to that perfection you see in them. But before you even start plucking, waxing or shaving your body stark naked, it is better if you understand the reasons for the hair that is on your body. After all, they are sprouting out from your body for a reason.  Though this love/hate relationship may be skewed towards hate, those with thick, visible hair on their body and legs may be facing some trouble remove those unsightly hair. But fret not, we have got tips to help you out, so read on!


Reasons Why Some Have More Hair Than Others

Humans being mammals are distinctively less hairy compared to their counterparts — the primates whom we are known to be an evolution of. A little background on why hair is part of our body.  The hair that is on our body act as sweat glands. They help to strike a balance by aiding heat to transfer in and out seamlessly. Besides this function, the hair on our bodies also help with our senses, provides sun protection. Having hair on the body is also important in maintaining one’s skin health, as each hair follicle (also known as those tiny holes with hairs popping out) has tons of blood vessels, fats and nerves which can help our external skin heal faster when there is a wound.

A primary reason why some people are hairier than others are could due to their genes, but there could actually be more reasons (I.e. Higher testosterone levels etc.) which has led to males having more visible hair compared to females. Areas with noticeable hair are usually seen on their body, hands and legs. As androgens are present in both genders, it causes the hair for both men and women to darken especially under their armpits and pubic regions. Furthermore, men would have more hair popping out their chest, upper lip and around their face as they have more androgens than women after reaching puberty.

Other reasons for a hairier body could be due to hormone imbalance caused by excessive amounts of androgens that are produced. This is a cause of why some females may develop more hair than they should. Besides hormone imbalance, women who reach menopause may experience an increase in the adrenal gland thus promoting the growth of hair. Weight gain, pregnancy and some medications (particularly steroids) could also cause one to have unusual amounts of hair growth.


Why Body Hair Will Continue To Grow

Well, it is actually a simple reason to why our body hair will continue to grow. As hair growth that occurs on our body is largely contributed by our hormones, men and women would both face the harsh reality that hair will keep emerging from their bodily skin, even if it is undesirable.

Androgen will continue to increase as one age, causing body hair to appear. To dash your hope of dropping your bodily hair like the ones on your head as you age even more thoroughly, it is a fact that no amount of nutrition and diet is able to prevent or decelerate the process of hair growth. So hair removal methods are required to help you maintain a hairless skin for life.


Deciding On Your Hair Removal Method

Hair removal treatments would include shaving, waxing, and laser hair removal etc. It is important to choose the hair removal solution that you are most comfortable with. Amongst the hair removal treatments, shaving and waxing offer temporary solutions but with many advantages as well. Waxing not only removes hair but also reduces itching, prevents cuts. It mercilessly pulls out all (unwanted) hair from its roots thus causing the rate of regrowth to be slowed down and in some cases, terminates the growth of hair. Shaving is undoubtedly a faster option to help you remove hair in a pain-free and quick way. However, shaving has disadvantages of making the appearance of regrown hair darker. If you avoid using an intermittent when you shave, the blades may come too close to your skin and leave you a cut. This can cause your skin to be irritated and in serious cases, develop rashes and inflammation.

An alternative to waxing and shaving is the laser hair removal treatment. It is a painless hair removal method that can leave the treated area with a smoother appearance. It is unique in penetrating deep into the skin to eliminates hair growth and its root from re-growing. After going for several treatments, the hair that regrows will be thin and fine, and the follicles may be completely destroyed after a couple of treatments. Whichever hair removal method you may choose, it ought to be something that pleases you and achieve the most ideal result that you wish to have.