Let’s consider these celebrities: Julia Roberts, Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis and Chrissy Teigen. Aside from being rich and famous, the one thing that they all have in common is that they are undeniably beautiful. However, none of them would actually be classified under the “ideal face shape”.

But what they all know to do is to highlight their best facial assets so that they can create a close approximation of the ideal, which is a slim, oval visage. The good thing is that these neat tricks of the makeup trade are not only reserved for celebrities. You, too, can master the best way to create a slim face shape.

Your cheekbones are a prominent feature on your face and knowing the right way to apply a blusher can make a massive difference in the way you present your face to the world. First, you will need to identify your face shape.


The Ideal Ovals

Someone with an oval visage would typically have prominent cheekbones and a forehead that is a little bit broader than the chin or jawline. An oval-shaped face is often considered the ideal; if you are an oval, you just may be the envy of others.

The best way for an oval to highlight their cheeks is to apply the brush directly over the cheekbones, avoiding any colour in the hollow of the cheeks. That will help to elevate the cheekbones, thereby effecting a slimmer visage.


The Sweet Hearts

If your cheekbones are set high and your forehead is wide (in fact, it is the widest part of your face), while your face gradually tapers down to a slender chin, then you most probably have a heart-shaped face.

In order to soften a chin/jawline that is on the sharper side, you can start by applying your blush on the outer edges of your cheekbones, from your ears to the areas just below the corner of your eyes. You will also want to apply a little blush on your temples as that will help to narrow your forehead and create a balance between the width of your forehead and chin areas.


The Sharp Diamonds

Diamonds are almost like heart-shaped faces, but the chin is sharper and the forehead or hairline area is narrower. To draw the eyes to the lower half of the face, start applying some blush at the top of your cheekbones and then sweep it down and out towards the lower end of the ears.


The Perfect Squares

You are a square if, you guessed it, the width of your forehead, chin and cheeks are about the same.

For a square-shaped face, create some definition by applying blusher on the apples of your cheeks and then blending it outwards, in order to create a rounding effect. Another neat trick is to add some colour to your hairline; what that does is soften the edges of your face.


The Round Circles

The length and width of the round-shaped faces are practically equal. There are no sharp angles to your face and the widest part of your face are your cheeks.

To create some angles, sweep your blush at a diagonal, from your ear down across your cheekbones and towards the lips. Also, apply the blush towards the outside of your cheekbones and instead of directly onto the apple of your cheeks, which would make your cheeks look even rounder. To lengthen your visage, you could dab a little blush to the chin area as well; just make sure to blend it well!

Here is another useful tip: if you have a round face, use a matte blusher instead of pearlised ones as those reflect the light, which accentuates the roundness even further.


The Lengthy Oblongs

A rectangular face shape is longer in length and shorter in width. The forehead, jawline and cheek areas would be of equal widths or thereabouts. When your face is long, you actually want to widen the cheek area.

To create that effect, sweep the blush over your cheekbones, just under the outer edges of your eyes. To help reduce the length of your face, keep the blush application to above the imaginary line that extends across the tip of your nose.


The Angular Pear

A triangle or pear-shaped face is one that is narrow at the forehead and widest at the jawline. The goal here is to accentuate the cheekbones and narrow the jaw area as much as possible.

To elongate your face, you will want to blend the blush from the ears down to the corners of your mouth. You can also sweep a little blush just under the jawline and down the neck, which can help to slim the lower half of your face. Finally, draw the attention up to your cheekbones by using a shiny blush instead of a matte one.