I was never skinny to begin with. I remember growing up during my earlier secondary school days having to endure the constant tease from the boys about my weight, the endless whispers and giggles that I have to blatantly ignore during Physical Education sessions that involved us running laps to gear us up for the 1.8km National Physical Fitness Award (NAPFA) test which always sees me panting like a pig just twelve steps into the first lap and having to maintain a straight face when ridiculed in public about the way I walk and how chubby my thighs are. It does not help much either that I had acne-prone skin that you can play connect-the-dots with when you are feeling bored.

Yes, it was never easy growing up when you are different from the rest of the kids in school or neighbourhood, and my misery did not just end there — it only got worse after puberty. Apart from the bright red pimples that keep popping up on my face, I also had to deal with the wretched creases that appeared mysteriously around my belly area. It affected my confidence and limited my social participation, especially when it comes to the outdoors. I genuinely looked like a bulldog in a swimsuit and my thunderous thighs and dimpled butt were definitely not a sight to behold then.


My Debut Weight Loss Attempt

It was during my early twenties that I decided enough was enough and I made the bold decision to lose weight and get myself fit and healthy at all cost. So, I went on a cold turkey and stopped eating all of my comfort food, including fried, oily and sweet ones. I even gave up on every Singaporean favourite pastime — enjoying a hearty late-night supper with a bunch of good friends. However, a month into my self-customised diet, I realised that I was actually gaining weight instead of losing them. Thereafter, I did what every nineteen-year-old would do — I freaked out.

I went into a state of frenzy and tinkered with my diet, making them stricter and rigorous. I started excluding carbohydrates from my daily intake and drank nothing but plain water. When that did not work, I went on a spending spree, cashing my money out on fancy weight loss slimming pills and expensive slimming teas that proved to be a temporary remedy. While my weight took a momentary dip on the weighing scale, it ballooned back up shortly after and the lost weight would somehow make its majestic appearance back to my exhausted body again, to a point where it reached a chilling mark of 90 kilograms. 90 kilograms on an average man is already heavy, just imagine that mass on a woman.


Green Coffee

It was soon before long when I realised that these diet products and slimming pills were mostly a rip-off. After wasting thousands of dollars and getting myself stuck with a mountain of pills, I was ready to give up. It seems like it was taking too long to see any sort of progress until I came across an article about green coffee and the supposed weight loss benefits that it can offer. I was sceptical at first, even when there were articles claiming consistent weight loss with just green coffee. However, since I have already tried almost every product available on the market, what harm can another one bring me?

So, I got myself some green coffee and started a new diet with it, sipping on the green solution twice or thrice daily, usually with breakfast and lunch. And lo and behold, I lost some weight after just one and a half weeks. Not only that, I felt less puffy and my mood was definitely better. It was exactly the motivation that I needed to spur me to greater heights. I then started working out in the local fitness gym and threw a good mix of cardio and strength training sessions in the gym. At the end of the third week, I lost another few pounds! It was simply amazing! I instantly became more obsessed on losing more weight and becoming more fit that I began incorporating little exercises into my daily routine on top of the green coffee, such as climbing the stairs instead of waiting for the lift and carrying and walking home with the groceries instead of taking the car.

I continued to lose weight consistently and working out became a nightly pleasure for me. After two months, I managed to shed off kilos off the weighing scale and my waist shrunk six sizes smaller! My prominent belly is gone, my thunderous thighs are slimmer, and I finally achieved a body that I once never dared dream about with the help of green coffee.  If I can do it, you can too!