Most individuals covet a slim, V-shaped or V-line Face. It ensures that you have a youthful, sculpted look, leaving you feeling more attractive with enhanced facial features. The chiselled look with well-defined cheekbones and jawlines has grown in popularity leading to widespread interest and demand for face slimming. The best part is that getting that V-shaped and slim face can be easily accomplished with the right posture and nutrition as it plays a key role in our bones and teeth formation.

Due to human growth and development, our bones require a complex concentration of “bony matrix” that comprises of minerals, calcium and phosphorus, water, fat etc. For the bloodstream to have mineral absorption, K2 and fat-soluble Vitamins D helps to mediate it. Consider foods that require chewing such as a serving of raw vegetables and fruits, bone-building elements that are rich in calcium which includes almonds, kale, salmon etc and finish it off with fat-soluble and dietary fat Vitamins A, D, E and K2 such as avocados and eggs.

The coveted V-shaped face is a contoured, oval, slim face which narrows in the direction of the chin. The look is gaining popularity as it highlights their features and makes you look more feminine besides its youthful appearance. Due to modern day society’s perception of beauty, where the primary way attractiveness is judged is based heavily on the face of an individual and the way we dress, your physical appearance matters even more as it is one of the first information we get about an individual when we meet him/her for the first time.

If a V-Shaped face is what you aspire to have without having to go through surgeries, continue reading as we will be sharing some natural remedies that can help you achieve the much sought after look in no time!


The Craze For V-shaped Face

Fads, trends or classics, the V-Shaped Face is here to stay! Popularised by Korean celebrities and actors initially, this trend has spread across Asia and beyond. Considered as a mark of youth feminine beauty, a V-shape face essentially has a projected nose, slim jawline, sharp chin, and sharp jawline.

As with all phenomenon, the idea of getting a V-Shaped face is partly influenced by western standards that you see from various media outlets such as magazines, television etc. Purported by a new standard of beauty, it is much more attainable, closer and desirable due to the similarity in our Asian culture and features that first spread from the K-wave phenomenon.


Getting A V-Shaped Face Without Surgical Procedures

1. Creams For Facelifting And Slimming

Nothing looks more amazing that having a well-contoured face. To experience the effects of a visibly slimmer face, consider face lifting creams, masks or serums where the primary function of it is to reduce the characteristics of water retention usually found in facial muscles. For slimmer, more defined faces, this can be achieved by minimizing the swelling and encouraging muscle firmness. Furthermore, using the facelifting creams, masks or serums on a regular basis can completely eliminate any puffy, bloated cheeks and double chin.

2. Facial Slimming Massage

With a wide range of available facial massages, selecting one that shapes the face faster and has more lasting results is essential. From the lymphatic draining method, “Gua Sha” technique to Golki massage, it offers a revitalizing vibration massage to help you achieve firmer, youthful-looking and contoured face. Whether it is a V-Shaped face, higher cheekbones or slimmer face that you desire, some of the advantages of facial slimming massages include improved blood circulation which helps you achieve better complexion, blood flow stimulation which flows throughout your muscles and skin capable of supplying nutrients and removing toxins. If you are searching for some self-care treatments, consider face rollers available at beauty stores.

3. Face Yoga

Yearning for a slimmer face, consider facial yoga! Yes, you did not hear it wrong! Not limited to yoga exercises for the body, facial yoga exercises help in your weight loss efforts, prevent ageing signs from appearing and most importantly slims down your face. Combined with the benefits of facial exercises and yoga, it works the muscles around your face as well as allows you to do it at the comfort of your home due to modern day lifestyle. With face yoga, you can eliminate problems such as baggy eyes, sagging face, and wrinkles! Furthermore, you can do face yoga anywhere, anytime! If you are taking public transport or driving, opt to do this workout which only takes up 3 – 5 minutes of your time per day!

4. Diet

There is nothing achievable without having a proper diet! With a proper diet in place, you can get rid of any unwanted fat across your body, and that includes your face as well! If you experience bloated face or double chin, it is worth noting that salt increases your body’s water retention capacity. With junk food or salt-laden food, the face would appear swollen the next day and the culprit is the high sodium content. If you constantly eat chips, burgers and other similar foods, consider reducing or cutting them out and consult a nutritionist to reduce the amount of salt intake from your daily diet. To achieve a slimmer face and lose weight at the same time, consider disposing of processed foods altogether as it is bad for health and puffs up the cheeks too.