So you think you’re ready to get serious about losing weight. You’re tired of flabby arms and hate the love handles that never fail to put a damper on your confidence and self-esteem. But it’s not even an exaggeration to say that you have no idea what to do. It’s been years since you last took physical education classes at school, so you really don’t know where to start. Even if you do remember anything beyond those tests that they make you take at least once a year, you may not even know how effective they would be for you now. Your own goal is weight loss, not achieve gold medals. Say no more! Here are some of the best workouts for weight loss.


Sprint Your Way To Your Ideal Figure

Look at all the professional sprinters out there. You would be hard pressed to find any of them with love handles or flabby arms. Sure, you may not necessarily be aiming that high but the facts speak for themselves. Sprinting is an anaerobic activity that burns massive amounts of calories within short bursts, making it by far the most effective exercise for weight loss. Unlike regular jogging, which is an aerobic exercise, sprinting forces your body to metabolise stored energy, that is, your fat stores. You won’t even need to invest in any equipment to sprint if you’re on a budget — all you need is some open space, be it indoors or outdoors, or a flight of stairs. Alternatively, you could incorporate around half a minute bursts of sprints into your daily jogs to really get your body going. You can also do the same on a treadmill, if you like. It all depends on your own individual preference and what works for you. Don’t forget to warm up to these sprints beforehand, especially if you’re only just beginning, and be sure not to overdo it.


High-Intensity Interval Training

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is all the rage these days and for good reasons. Structured around alternating intervals of low and high-intensity workouts, HIIT workouts are fantastic for weight loss since they’re some of the most well-rounded exercises out there. Some of the most intense workouts can even burn up to 1500 calories per hour. Studies have even found that HIIT workouts tend to suppress that post-workout intense hunger, which may drive some people to binge eat, that some people reportedly experience after working out. Most gyms employ trainers who can help you formulate the best HIIT workouts to suit your individual level of fitness, but you can also plan them on your own, based on HIIT workouts you can easily find online. It’s important to listen to your body and pace yourself accordingly if you’re working on this yourself though. You don’t really want to end up with an injury by pushing yourself way too hard.


That Rowing Machine In The Gym

Don’t be intimidated by the rowing machine! There aren’t that many workouts out there that are able to burn as many calories and fat as rowing does. Rowing is an excellent choice for weight loss since it works on your entire body by incorporating both cardio exercise and strength training all in one. If you’re a woman, don’t worry too much about getting as muscular as the men you usually see on rowing machines. Muscle-building doesn’t come as easily to women since most of us lack the hormones that tend to encourage greater muscle gains. Furthermore, most of these men are extremely meticulous about their nutritional intake, focusing on consuming more food and supplements that will help them put on more muscle faster. You’ll be focusing purely on weight loss, so all you need to do is keep your portions to a healthy limit.


Just Keep Swimming

The best way to stick to your weight loss plan is to find an exercise that you actually enjoy, so if you like splashing around in the water, swimming should be your weapon of choice. Sprinting or rowing can burn all the calories in the world, but if you absolutely loathe either of them, you’re more likely to give up way too soon. Swimming is fun and can burn approximately 500 calories per hour in an average individual, making it the perfect activity to complement a healthier diet. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to start off with a whole hour’s worth of swimming. Start small with at least 10 minutes and slowly build up to half an hour. If you’re keen on accelerating your weight loss goals, try swimming in intervals of high and low intensity. The concept behind this method of interval training is similar to a typical HIIT workout, encouraging your body to burn calories, even after the exercise is done, by increasing your resting metabolic rate.