From round, square, oval, triangular or V-Shaped, there are various types of face shape. However, V-Shaped is often the most admired out of all the face shapes. In some way or another, a V-Shaped face enhances your beauty and makes both men and ladies go head over heels with the right makeup. Driven by the latest beauty fever and pursuit for a V-Shaped face partly due to celebrities, models, bloggers etc who have managed to “perfect” it, this has led to many aspiring individuals intent on the popular look referred to as V-Shaped face by Koreans and many around the world or “Gua Zi Lian”, a term used by the Chinese. A defined chin and contoured jawline is the context of a V-Shaped face. Despite the fact that most individuals are different, many individuals are trying to pull off this standard definition of beauty (in Asian terms) that includes a symmetrical face, equal distance between forehead and eyes to both lips and chin, sharper chin etc.

As modern society wreaks havoc and causes an abundance of stress to our lives, this causes wrinkles, fine lines, and other ageing signs to appear on our face. Furthermore, our daily diet and lifestyle would cause us to gain an extra few pounds due to the lack of exercise, poor food choices, and a lack of diet control. Over a period of time, this will lead to extra fat developing in our jaw and neck where individuals will have less defined jawlines which may also be a result of shrinking muscles. Furthermore, age and lifestyle changes would cause excess water and fat to accumulate in their tissues which will lead to weight and fat in their body.

So, what is your face shape? Is it the trendy V Shape? To find out how to achieve that face shape that you have always desired for, consider reading this article as we will be sharing some methods!


What Affects Your Face

Like it or not, our facial bones which include our nose, upper jaw, eye sockets will continue to experience changes as we age. In fact, skin-level deformations such as wrinkles, tumorous outgrowths etc are just the start of many things as you will experience saggy skin, large-scale hollowings etc which can change your facial shape over time.

As it turns out, facial ageing not only includes changes to skin, bone, soft tissue though it is all genetically predetermined. Other factors that contribute to changes to your face include “wear and tear” and exposure to the environment.

For our foreheads and eyebrow area, our face would develop wrinkles and visible horizontal creases as well as vertical creases due to prolonged muscle action attached to the skin. Typically held back by retaining ligaments, fat compartments from the face would be pushed out and transferred to lower areas. Some common examples include cheek fat transferred underneath the nose and above the lips leaving the cheekbones with less definition. Furthermore, the loosening of facial ligaments, loss of elasticity and sagging skin also contribute to changes to bones. Though facial ageing is considered a normal biologic process where the differences are due to gender, diseases etc, the ability to change the shape of our face can improve self-confidence, function and many others too!


Tips To Get A V-Shaped Face

1. Facial Workout

Besides all the exercising and killer workouts to achieve toned bodies, a defined V Shaped face also requires you to consistently exercise your cheeks, neck, and jaws which can improve facial appearance etc without going under the knife. To tone and “shape” your face, consider facial exercises that include tilting your chin skywards to lowering your lower jaw, stretching it outwards and keeping it at that posture for at least 10 seconds per rep. If you would like to add more variety to your facial workout, consider oscillating devices, wraps etc.

2. Reduce Processed Food

We may have known by now that ageing causes our metabolism and lymphatic system to slow down, with the latter responsible for removing toxins from our bodies. As a result of slower metabolism and lymphatic system, it can result in bloating in places such as your face. To achieve that sharp jawline and V-Shaped face, consider cutting down on processed and salty foods altogether and opt for fresh food, vegetables, and fruits instead!

3. Makeup

Unfortunately, men are unable to hide or “change” their face shape unless you apply makeup on your face. For ladies, one of the most effortless and quick ways of achieving that chiselled jawline and small face shape is through makeup! If you have seen videos online about the wonders of makeup products such as bronzers, highlighters can do, you should consider trying them on to achieve contours to your face where an individual with a round-looking face can instantly turn into a slimmer, smaller and photo-ready look! For a more defined look, consider shadows and playing with light, depth, and dimensions to alleviate the illusion of a chiselled face!