Like it or not, there is plenty of hype and talk surrounding V-shaped faces. For those who are unaware of where this Asian fascination stems from, this fever actually came into prominence when we were swept up by the Korean wave or Hallyu. It has arguably influenced or changed the way we perceived beauty on every country that it has descended upon and it has become a global phenomenon. All eyes are now fixated on the Asian nation for future developments and trends when it comes to taking the next step to aesthetic beauty and looking beautiful.

Certain characteristics like having sculpted, lean and taut faces are a thing of the past. If your face has been prennaily chubby, rounded or even cherubic, you are likely to want to transform your face with a sleek and sultry look. As difficult and troublesome as it may be, the V-Shaped face is here to stay as we take cues from actors and actresses on television and in manga comics. Somehow, this highly coveted V-shape has become the standard definition of beauty, where a symmetrical face, when the distance from the lips to chin is equal to the distance between the forehead and eyes.

If you are looking to get yourself a sharper and more defined jawline, keep reading this article to find out how you can achieve it.


How Did The V-Shaped Face Become So Popular

The V-Shaped face rose into popularity in Seoul, South Korea and quickly spread throughout the country and around the world. This popular look, worn by K-pop and fashion stars within Korea has become one of the most sought-after look. The majority of women today are looking for ways to achieve this coveted facial characteristic, which will accentuate their jawline, cheeks and neck. In simple terms, the V-line helps to accentuate these features by giving your face a desirable softness.

If we were given the opportunity to change our appearance, many of us would have highlighted our facial features in an instant. This is also partly why the cosmetic industry is making such a brisk business of selling items such as eyelash falsies, coloured lenses, and cosmetic products to help give our face more shape and contour, creating the illusion of say, a higher nose bridge or slimmer jawline.

These days, the ultimate hallmark of Asian beauty is Korean beauty includes sharper facial features, fuller eyes, rounder forehead and fairer blemish-free skin. Ultimately, the main attraction of this popular look is that it leaves you looking more pleasant and younger.



How To Achieve The Coveted V-Shaped Face

1. Practise Contouring

A makeup secret used by many makeup artists and actors alike, contouring has grown to be extremely popular among casual makeup users across the past five years or so. It has to be said that not all of us would be blessed with excellent features, mastering this trick is a simple way to make your face appear slimmer and well-defined. This makeup technique helps you to highlight points of your face where the light would hit the most, and on the dark areas of your face that are usually covered in shadows. When all of your makeup is blended out, it would create the illusion of increased facial definition, which includes a sharper jawline. If you need some recommendations on where to purchase contouring kits, they can be obtained from drugstore retailers, making it extremely easy to try it out yourself. Through this way, your V-shaped face will obviously last as long as you have makeup on your face.

2. Facial Massagers

Though they may appear to be weird on the first encounter, some people live by these facial tools. The facial massagers in question can be easily found at departmental and even convenience stores. Furthermore, they are considerably kind on the pursestrings and can be fun to use as well. Though it may look small and ineffective, do not underestimate its benefits as it is able to decrease any puffiness or bloating of the face from water retention.

3. Face Lift Masks

Just when you thought that facial massagers were weird, wait till you see this. A face lift mask comprises of a chin strap, face mask and head brace, all in one. However, what it does is to apply pressure on your chin and jaw areas to slim it down. The reason behind these masks is that the pressure applied to these areas will help to stimulate blood flow, similar to the functions of a facial massager.

4. Face Exercises

Another exercise you can consider doing is facial exercises. These set of exercises can help to naturally tone and sculp an individual’s face. As we are constantly chewing or biting our food, toning our face with facial exercises can work and stretch your cheek muscles. Furthermore, it can make your cheeks less flabby and your face more sleek, as a result.