Are you about to head off for your first ever job interview?

When it comes to interviews, first impressions matter and will strongly impact how your future employer perceives you.

It doesn’t matter whether you are interviewing for a new job, an internship at a big firm or are up for a promotion. How you present yourself at an interview is a big factor in an employer’s decision-making. If you are not a fashion maven and don’t know the first thing about how best to dress for success, there is no need to fret. Read on to learn how to fill up your wardrobe with stylish workwear that will help you look your best and secure the job.


Go Dark

Set a professional tone simply by choosing darker hues. While a classic white, button-down shirt is always appropriate, bright-coloured clothing tends to give off a more unprofessional vibe. It is definitely not the impression you want to give if you are at a job interview. To show how serious you are about the job, choose darker, earthy tones including black, grey, navy-blue, brown, dark-green and maroon.


Wear the Pants

Trousers are a safe bet when you are interviewing for a job, and particularly so if you’ve applied for a corporate position. In terms of style, go for a straight-leg style, cigarette pants (which fall just above the ankle) and culottes, which are very on-trend at the moment. These styles are both highly fashionable as well as very comfortable options, which is a state that you want to be in when you are at an interview. This leads to our next point on why you should avoid the too-tight and too-skinny pair of pants. You wouldn’t want to be awkwardly tugging at your pants half the time, or worse, have trouble breathing!

To up the professional quotient, you would also want to tuck your top in your trousers.


Keep It Simple

While we aren’t exactly telling you to take it to KonMari levels, we are saying that less is more. Pair your trousers with a blouse with subdued and muted patterns. Avoid any overwhelming or loud patterns that distract. Floral, stripes and polka dots are all agreeable options. Just make sure everything else stays clean and simple.

In addition, remember that subtle elegance is best. In other words, don’t go around flashing designer logos and expensive jewelry as these may just make you seem like a much less approachable person.

When it comes to accessorising, follow this golden rule: choose jewelry that complement your outfits rather than overwhelm them. First of all, don’t over-accessorise. Choose more dainty and delicate jewelry such as small hoops or diamond studs. On the safe side, skip the statement necklaces and chandelier earring. And please remember to leave your large sunglasses in your bag, not pulled over your hair.

This same rule also applies to hair and makeup. While you want to look neat, polished and poised, you don’t want to do so much that you end up distracting the interviewer from what’s truly important—your skills.


Err on the Side of Conservative

The goal of an interview is to not distract your interviewer from what’s important—your CV. While it does matter that you do not appear dated in your outfit choices, tops with plunging necklines, skirts with too-short hemlines or figure-hugging clothing are generally not recommended.

Invest in clothing that don’t reveal too much skin. While the clothes don’t have to cost a lot, it is important that they don’t look old and beat-up, but instead, fresh, tidy and fashion-forward.


Save the Oversized Tops for Off-Days

Structured, tailored and fitted are all terms to keep in mind when dressing for your interview. We are not talking about wearing tight-fitting tops (because that’s also a no-no), but clothing that fit well. When you wear oversized blouses and shirts, you run the risk of looking sloppy, which is obviously not ideal.

Even if you know that the job you are interviewing for has a casual dress code, be careful not to go overboard during the interview process. It’s not an excuse to attend the interview in ripped jeans or a skimpy dress and a pair of flip flops.


Mules Are a Step in the Right Direction

Mules allow you to feel comfortable and are a smart-looking pair of shoes at the same time. These go very well with trousers and cigarette pants. Another fail-proof choice is a pair of closed-toe, block-heeled pumps in a neutral tone such as black, grey and tan.


Wear Your Confidence with Pride

Last but definitely not least, don’t forget to spritz on a nice dose of confidence. Show your future boss how self-assured you are with a bright smile and friendly greeting. Be the professional that you are—you are prepared and ready to take on the job you’ve gone in to interview for.

That’s it! You are all set. Best of luck for your interview; you will do great.