We have all heard that the eyes are the window to the soul. But it turns out that a pair of eyebrows can speak volumes, too.

According to facial reading experts, there is a lot that you can tell about a person from the natural shape of their eyebrows.

Furthermore, we do decide on how to shape our eyebrows, as much as we decide on our hairstyle, hair colour and clothing. Whether it is consciously or unconsciously done, the decisions we make about our physical appearance are often influenced by how we want others to perceive us. And since our decisions are largely based on our own individual personalities, it should come as no surprise that how we choose to groom our eyebrows reveals something of ourselves.

Some of us religiously tweeze, trim and thread while others, well, prefer to go au natural. Whatever your preferred mode of hair removal may be, we still do groom our brows based on their natural shape; and together, they tell an interesting story.

What happens if you do alter the shape of your eyebrows? According to experts, it can influence your life somewhat. For instance, if you have a pair of relatively straight eyebrows and you manage to achieve a curved effect, that can help to project a more feminine energy.

Now, let’s check out a few classic eyebrow shapes and what they may potentially say about you.


The Pointed Brow

You never want to underestimate the power of a set of killer eyebrows, and this pair certainly qualifies. This brow has a relatively high arch; it first rises upwards in a straight line, ends sharply at the top before coming back down again.

Also known as apex eyebrows, these brows say that you are ambitious and enjoy being in charge. As a natural leader, you can motivate and inspire the people who work for you. On the flipside, you can also inspire fear! When it comes to romantic relationships, you are as equally passionate and determined but can tend toward the impulsive and make decisions purely on emotion.

When someone has apex eyebrows, it indicates that she is a sensitive person who values privacy very much. Finally, these strong brows can also imply a bit of a stubborn streak.

Famous celebrities that have apex eyebrows include Angelina Jolie and Olivia Wilde.


The Curved Brow

If you have a pair of curved eyebrows, it means that you are probably a kind, gentle and considerate soul who frequently thinks about others’ wants and needs. You are a relaxed and approachable gal that is super easy to hang out with.

Not too thick or too thin, not too high or too low, these eyebrows also exude a sense of … normalcy. Nothing too complicated or dramatic, you are definitely someone who likes to keep things simple.

Just because you don’t enjoy drama in your life, does not mean you’re boring; a curved brow not only implies creativity but intelligence as well! Celebrities with curved or rounded eyebrows include Beyonce and Camilla Belle.


The Straight Brow

A straight brow implies straightforwardness. What you see is what you get and there are no hidden meanings in the things you say or do.

You project kindness and honesty, which is why people trust you and feel comfortable confiding their secrets to you.

Flat and straight brows can also mean that you exude masculine energy. You are decisive, and you can be incredibly stubborn when you have made up your mind about something. You are someone that has integrity and who lives with a strong set of principles. A highly enterprising person, you think through problems and solutions carefully and logically and are not prone to impulsive actions. A couple of celebrities who embody this spirit are Natalie Portman and Jessica Alba.


The Bushy Brow

You are not interested in doing too much with your eyebrows and are perfectly happy to let them grow freely. You are a free spirit who loves things best in their natural state. You gravitate towards nature and probably are in your element when hiking in the great outdoors.

There is an innate self-assuredness and confidence that allows you to live life the way you see fit. You are not terribly bothered about others’ opinions of you and are way more interested in finding your bliss, which is one of the reasons why you are such a pleasure to hang around with.

Who are celebrities that are known for their strong bushy brows? Carla Delevingne, Brooke Shields and Emma Watson.


The Long Brow

Good news for those who are born with long brows: you probably handle stress a lot better than the rest of us!

You are the go-to person for big and challenging projects at work because you can handle pressure well and get the job done. When it comes to friendships, you are a keeper; you are an exceptional listener, a problem-solver and a strong shoulder to learn (and cry) on.

Celebrities with long eyebrows (that we would not mind being friends with) include Eva Mendes and Emilia Clarke.


The Short Brow

Someone with short eyebrows pays attention to details and the fine print. You are a tenacious individual in every aspect of life, from your career to your personal life. However, your tendency to obsess over the little things can mean you might miss the forest for the trees.

Such persons also have no interest in emotional dramas of any sort. They are wary about strangers and acquaintances and don’t tend to make friends easily; in fact, they are likely to only have a few close, intimate relationships. Two celebrities with short eyebrows are Ariana Grande and Britney Spears.


The High Brow

If you have a pair of brows that are set higher up above the eyes, then you are probably someone who has excellent taste and style. You are highly fashionable and appreciate beautiful things, but you may also be a bit of a perfectionist and can, therefore, be too critical of themselves.

You are also someone who stands out easily in a crowd and may have a natural flair for performing (think singer-songwriter Rita Ora). You are likely to be the centre of attention at a party or social gathering … and you love every minute of it!