Losing weight: it is definitely something that most of us have strived for at one point of our lives. Or maybe some of us are still trying to shed some extra pounds. Googling “how to lose weight fast in a month” might even be something that we have done in our desperate attempts to get rid of our excess weight. We all have our reasons when it comes to weight loss — be it losing that stubborn double chin or fitting into that dress in time for an event. And at times, some of us might even be enticed by shortcut solutions to lose weight fast. One such example of these shortcut solutions would be artificial fat burners.

You might have come across (very) persuasive advertisements for these artificial fat burners. They usually promise you pills that help you to get slim in an unbelievably short amount of time, without any dietary restrictions or exercises. They also sound way too good to be true. More often than not, the before and after images and videos that accompany these advertisements may tempt you to whip out your credit card and order a month’s supply of these dubious fat burners – or at least those who are truly desperate in their quest to shed that excess weight.

But keep this in mind: these advertisements will never show you the dangerous side effects of using artificial fat burners. These side effects can cause detrimental consequences to your health in both short-term and long-term, which is a huge price to pay for an instant svelte figure. While shortcut solutions such as crash diets and aggressive gym workouts are generally not recommended, artificial fat burners still remain the most dangerous out of all these last-minute resorts. Artificial fat burners are fairly new and the ones that come from shady sources have actually been banned due to the harmful effects that they inflict on one’s health in the long run. In some cases, these pills have actually caused death to its consumers, which makes this a very serious issue that we should all be mindful of.

So, how do artificial fat burners work? To put in simply, they help one to lose weight as fast as possible. They are usually formulated with herbs and other stimulating agents that help you to burn more calories by suppressing your appetite. Rapid weight loss is usually a side effect of ingesting these herbs, which makes it a selling point of these fat burners. They also mimic the body’s chemicals and hormones to make your brain feel that you are full after a light meal, which keeps you from overeating.

Other artificial fat burners may also help to prevent fat absorption in the food that you consume. But at the same time, it does not distinguish between the fat and essential nutrients within the food, so your body may absorb less nutrients than usual. On top of that, fat burners also increase your metabolism rate, which ultimately helps your body to break down calories faster and lose more weight in the process. While most of them are pretty effective in helping one shed the extra pounds, prolonged usage of these artificial fat burners can be detrimental to your health. Not to mention, the effectiveness wears off quickly, which renders them useless after a while. If these reasons are not convincing enough for you to steer clear of artificial fat burners, this list of common side effects might.



Artificial fat burners are known to increase cortisol levels within the system, which contributes to stress and anxiety. If you are already suffering from anxiety issues, consumption of fat burners may worsen your condition and even lead to complications in the long run. Besides, taking high doses of artificial fat burners may even result in palpitations, dizziness, and nausea in the short-term.



Artificial fat burners like slimming pills can lead to a spike in heart rate, which can mess with your sleep patterns at night. Coupled with other side effects of fat burners, it can keep you up at night and cause extreme exhaustion. Besides, not getting enough rest can also lead to weight gain and other unwanted health issues.


High Blood Pressure

Fat burner pills work by increasing your body’s temperature to speed up your metabolism rate, which at the same time, contributes to a higher blood pressure. Prolonged consumption can be bad for your heart, so turn to natural fat burners like green tea and grapefruit or healthy workouts if you want to lose weight in a safe manner.



As mentioned earlier, death can occur when it comes to long-term consumption of artificial fat burners. Some slimming pills are formulated with unregulated ingredients, which most of the time can be fatal in large doses. Understanding the risks of these fat burner pills or simply avoiding them would do you good. Instead, opt for a healthy diet or a well-planned exercise regime if you really want to take a couple inches off your waistline.