It’s okay to be vain, even at the office. Appearances do matter regardless of any righteous spiels you’ve heard claiming the contrary. Ask yourself who is more likely to go up the career ladder: someone who looks sloppy and dull or someone who takes greater care of their grooming? Assuming these two people are on even footing when it comes to productivity and ability, it’s obviously the latter, isn’t it? If you’re someone with ambition, you need to start addressing the way you look. Confused and lost over where to start? Go with these beauty tips first.


Make Your Makeup Last The Entire Day

You want to look good but the last thing you want to stress over at work is your fading makeup. As it is, you’re already so busy fleeting from meeting to meeting and making sure you’re on top of your workload. Hence, make your makeup count by using primers to ensure that everything stays in place for the rest of the day. Foundation primers, in particular, also helps control the sheen of oil that appears due to a buildup of sebum. If your eyelids are particularly oily, check out this makeup guide. You should also opt for waterproof makeup and consider using setting sprays. Most importantly, avoid touching your face at all.


Cut Down Morning Routines

Trying to find enough time to sleep can be a challenge, especially if you need more time for your daily commutes since you live further away from the office. Fortunately, there are ways for you to cut down the amount of time you need to get ready in the mornings. Imagine no longer having to rush because you wanted to stay longer in bed! All you need to do is start with these three:

Take Shaving Out Of The Routine

Forgoing shaving in the mornings does not mean that you should show up at the office with the hair on your leg and underarms in their full glory. It means investing in a little extra money to permanently remove hair forever. You do have to shave them off for one last time before the procedure but after that, no longer will you have to set aside time in the mornings to shave.

Use Multi-Step Skin Care Products

You know you should never skip any step in your skincare routine no matter what but having to apply moisturiser, toner, and other essential skin essences can be time-consuming. Caring for your skin on a daily basis is an absolute must regardless of your workplace, but it’s even more important if you work in an air-conditioned space. Your solution here is to buy products that combine some of these steps in one. For instance, plenty of skincare companies combine toners and skin essences in one bottle. They tend to cost a little extra but let’s face it, time is money and money is time. It’s a fair trade-off for a little bit more time to sleep in.

Buy More Clothes Made From Fabrics That Require No Ironing

Depending on the fabric, ironing clothes may take more time than both shaving and skincare routine combined. Circumvent this altogether by buying more clothes that require little to no ironing. The next time you’re out shopping, look at their labels. You want more clothes made from wrinkle-resistant fabrics such as lyocell, polyester, and spandex. When it comes to fabric blends, make sure that at least 65% of it is made of the aforementioned materials.


Focus On Versatile And Classic Pieces When Shopping

How do you know if your wardrobe is versatile and classic enough? Get the answer to this by asking yourself two more questions. Firstly, do you have too many outfits that are only suitable for the office? Have you noticed that you tend to revamp your whole closet every couple of years? If the answer is yes to both, consider changing the way you think when shopping for clothes. Instead, focus on getting these wardrobe staples first:

  • A perfectly tailored blazer
  • Solid black trousers
  • Black pencil skirts
  • Cardigan
  • Ballet flats
  • Classic, understated necklaces

Finding a middle ground between buying something suitable for the office and something that actually looks good both in and out of the office can seem impossible. But with these staples, you can build on your look by adding and subtracting certain accessories and pieces to transform even the most boring of officewear into a perfect date night outfit.


Keep Your Skin Healthy In Air-Conditioned Offices

Air-conditioning can be both a blessing and a curse all at once, but for our skin, it is almost entirely a curse. Working in a confined, air-conditioned office for a whole day can take a serious toll on your skin since it reduces humidity in the room. Lower humidity tends to lead to dry skin and may even reduce your skin’s elasticity since the cells in our skin consist mostly of water. Combat this by stepping out of the office a few times to allow your skin to refresh itself. You should also hydrate yourself more often to replace water that is lost to the environment.