Perfection isn’t impossible — that’s a bold claim to make. But when it comes to matters of our skin, sometimes, all you need is learning the right tricks for it. And it’s not just your face either. With the right techniques, you can get seriously smooth skin from head to toe. It may take some time to get all the different variables in order, a great deal of persistence, as well as some experimentation on your end. But with the guidance of a qualified dermatologist, getting it right is not at all an impossibility. Make all that possible by following this simple guide to flawless skin all over.


Your Diet Matters

Start at the most fundamental level that is: your diet. What you eat doesn’t just affect how much you weigh. It can also greatly affect the condition of your skin, too. Your skin is just like any other part of your body; it requires all the nutrition necessary for optimal maintenance. More importantly, our skin is one of the most critical layers of defence against infection. That’s why it is vital that we fortify it with all the right nutrients and one of the most important of them all is omega-3 fatty acids. These fats are the good kind, essential for maintaining good skin health due to its anti-inflammatory properties. You can easily obtain this from fatty fish such as tuna and salmon. More reasons for adding more of them into your diet include their high content of vitamin E, protein, and zinc — all of which are certainly necessary for optimal skin health.


Fix Common Skin Woes With The Right Treatments

Improving on any existing skin health conditions you may have is also possible now, all thanks to great leaps in technology. Home remedies may not always work and this is especially the case if your own specific condition is dire. But now, not only do we have the capability to completely reduce the proliferation of unsightly acne, but we can even whiten dark underarms in no time at all. All it takes is an in-depth personal consultation with a qualified dermatologist who would then be able to advise you on the right treatment. You will then be free to decide which course of action to take to achieve the perfect skin of your dreams.


Invest In Non-Comedogenic Makeup And Styling Products

It should be obvious that anything you put on your skin is bound to have a major impact on your overall skin health. But too many people take makeup for granted and only purchase the bottom of the barrel to meet their daily needs. It should come as no surprise at all to them for their oil-based makeup to result in numerous pimple outbreaks but alas, it does. Avoid repeating their error by investing in only non-comedogenic makeup products that are not oil-based. The right sort of makeup will not clog hair follicles — also known as pores — in your skin, and result in the formation of comedones. This will, in turn, lower the possibility of inflammation in your skin since comedones are very susceptible to infection, which may result in acne.

Your choice of hair products is also just as critical. A great number of hair styling products such as pomade, allow oil to seep into your skin, which can clog hair follicles in your skin just as severely as comedogenic makeup products. Why suffer for fashion when you could be investing in non-comedogenic hair products, instead?


Sleep And Rest Are Just As Important

Of course, all of this would be for naught if you don’t take the time to rest. Everyone knows that sleep is one of the great pillars of health and too little of it can eventually show on your skin, too. This is when your body finally repairs the result of all the abuse that we subject on ourselves throughout the course of the day. Without enough of it, your entire body is bound to suffer — right down to your skin. In fact, sleep deprivation can also greatly aggravate our stress levels, which can, in turn, trigger a wide assortment of skin health matters such as acne and even accelerated ageing. By getting enough sleep, you would then be better able to keep your stress levels in check, keeping any potential damage that it may cause to your skin well under control.

If you find that you haven’t been able to fall asleep, reconsider your whole approach. Are you sleeping in an extremely cluttered bedroom? Numerous studies prove that this can severely impact sleep quality; it may prove effective to simply dedicate a few hours over the weekend on clearing up your bedroom. You can also try adding more exercise into your weekly schedule. Not only will this help keep your body fit as a fiddle, but exercise is also a proven stress buster! Good luck with getting that flawless skin of your dreams.