Most of us want to look trim and feel healthy. We also know that the best way to do it is with regular exercise, along with a healthy and balanced diet that consists mostly of unprocessed foods.

Still, there is nothing wrong with gaining a little advantage in the makeup department, is there? Especially when it doesn’t involve dieting or lifting a muscle! Here are eight simple makeup tricks that you can do now to instantly look slimmer.


Maintain Full Eyebrows

A fuller and more defined brow will help to create strong lines and definition, while thinner, fine brows will only cause your face to look rounder. So put those tweezers down and let your eyebrows grow out.

Of course, we’re not talking about letting it go wild. You absolutely want to make sure it’s well-trimmed and groomed. Also, fill in any gaps in your brows and make sure to follow their natural arch as that would help to elongate and thin out the face.


Create A Dramatic Eye

As with the eyebrows, drawing attention up to your eyes will also help to make your face look much slimmer, so it is definitely a good idea to perfect your eyeshadow and mascara skills. When it comes to drama, a smoky eye and black eyeliner immediately come to mind.

A cat eye can also help lift the eyes and slim the face. With a liquid eyeliner, draw the line in the outer corner of your eye such that is goes upwards rather than straight across, which would cause your face to look wider instead.


Mask Dark Under-Eye Circles

Puffy eyes and dark circles aren’t just a drag because they may you look weary; they can also end up making your face look wider than it actually is.

While it is always best to get rid of dark circles the healthy way (i.e. keeping well-hydrated, getting your beauty sleep), there are days that you just need to settle for a quick fix. In those moments you will want to have a good quality concealer on hand that can help to brighten up the eye area and give your face a much-needed instant lift.


Contour Your Cheekbones

When it comes to selfies, one of the tricks of the trade for slimming your cheeks is to draw in your cheeks and pouting a little. This is an attempt to create those model-perfect cheekbones.

The fact is that defining your cheekbones is a very important aspect of helping to create a slimmer face. After applying your favourite blush onto the apples of your cheeks, sweep some highlighter just above where you blush is, then follow with some contouring powder in a darker shade under the blush, just below your cheekbones. This will produce a hollow effect that slims the cheek and elongates the face. Now you are selfie ready!


Contour Your Forehead

If your problem is a wide forehead, then take hard that  it can be made to look smaller with the application of a concealer onto your temples and on the area around the hairline. Use one that is slightly darker than your actual skin tone. To add contrast, sweep a lighter shade of concealer in the middle of the forehead and then spread it outward in the shape of a fan.


Contour The Jawline

It goes without saying that a double chin does not a slim face make. In order to create the illusion of a slimmer jawline, brush on a little matte contouring powder, beginning under the chin and up toward the bottom of each earlobe. Blend well.


Keep Your Lippy Shades Natural

While loud and bold colours are fun to play with and great for when you want to make a statement, they are not the best choice if you are looking to create a thinner looking visage.

If your goal is to have a slimmer face, you want to avoid those brighters shades of lipstick as they can tend to make the lower half of your face appear wider. Instead, stick to nude or natural tones. Tinted lip glosses are definitely a great option.

Here is another tip: You can further elongate your face by drawing on (with a lip liner in a natural shade) a slightly higher upper lip where your cupid’s bow is. It’ll also give you more full-looking lips.


Highlight The Centre Of Your Face

In general, the goal is to bring more light to the areas that you want to draw attention to. In this case, we want to bring the eye toward the middle of the face. To do so, apply highlighting powder with shimmer in it to the nose bridge, between your eyebrows, above your upper lip, and the centre of your chin.

You can also apply and blend some contouring powder on each side of your nose, further creating the illusion of a narrower nose and slimmer face.