When we look back on some of our beauty rituals, there is usually a feeling of nostalgia. At the age of 18, most girls are anxious to graduate to the grown woman status. While many are enthusiastic about the thought of reaching adulthood, this also means abandoning the $3 razor and visiting a professional to get your first Brazilian wax. For many, it meant walking into your first wax experience incredibly naive about the process and not knowing what the hell to expect.

If you have already gotten a Brazilian wax done, it is perhaps normal to break into a nervous sweat the moment your wax specialist starts applying wax over your skin. It was an oh shit, I cannot turn back beauty moment. While some may be able to tolerate the pain of hair removal, others are not so fortunate. The pain may be so intense that some distinctly remember the feeling and had not grasped the “beauty is pain” thing until that moment. Living in this day and age, we have to be clear, that despite gender norms, all of us should feel empowered to exercise our freedom to do whatever we want with the hair on our body.

But here is the thing, Brazilian waxes do not necessarily have to be that painful. In fact, there are a few things that you may have done incorrectly during your first Brazilian wax and it is important to take precautions since the skin down there is considered far more sensitive than the rest of the skin. To understand how you can make waxing more tolerable and less painful, keep reading this article to find out more.


Do Brazilian Wax Get Less Painful Over Time

Let us be clear on one thing, Brazilian waxes will never feel good. Removing hair from any part of the body is never going to be a walk in the park, regardless of the advancement in technology whatsoever. However, it is one of those beauty chores that will become worth it afterwards. Like, if you are hanging out on a beach in a brand new bikini you recently bought, sipping a cup of margarita, and your lady parts feel as smooth as the bottom of a newborn baby.

To answer the question of whether Brazilian waxes do become less painful over time, the real answer is that it is complicated as everybody’s body is different. There is no one size fits all, especially when it comes to waxing. While everyone reacts slightly differently, the pain during waxing generally depends on your mindset and general tolerance for discomfort. A rule of thumb may be to try a Brazilian wax twice, the second wax is meant to be more comfortable and the results tend to be smoother and longer-lasting hairless skin.

In the short and long term, regular waxing can result in skin and hair transformation. The exfoliation nature of waxing will help to make your skin become soft, smooth and more radiant, while your hair will grow in much softer and sparser. People are always generally surprised at how quickly their hair changes. With time, you will know what to expect and the shock factor will somehow wear off. In fact, getting regular wax will significantly reduce the amount of hair that will grow and come back. By getting regular wax, you can see a 40% decrease in the amount of hair that grows back, which will also make the process more comfortable for you.


What To Do Before Your Wax

Whether you believe it or not, the pre-wax process is as important as your after-care, which will help ensure that you have a seamless, easy experience. There are a few steps which you can follow before you get waxed.

1. Ensure That You Have Enough Hair

Before your wax, it is important to ensure that the length of your hair is long enough. To get a rough estimate of your hair length, it should be about the length of a grain of rice. If you want to start trimming your hair, you may want to reconsider doing so as it may be best to just leave it to your waxing specialist. More often than not, most will attempt to trim their hair but end up going too short and being turned away at the salon.

2. Moisturise And Exfoliate Beforehand

When you have dry hair and skin, it becomes easier for your hair to be broken when you are removing it. To get smooth skin and long-lasting results, you should keep your skin and hair healthy and rich in moisture. The best way to prep your skin for waxing is not shaving, and to exfoliate and moisturise routinely. The key to maintaining beautiful and flawless-looking skin in-between waxes is by exfoliating your skin and placing emphasis on it.

3. Avoid Caffeine A Few Hours Before Your Wax

It may be one of the toughest habits to overcome, but you ought to try keeping your hands away from coffee a few hours prior to your waxing appointment. If you delve too deep into your coffee habit, all the caffeine in your drinks might just trigger your nerves and increase your heart rate, making your waxing session a very uncomfortable one.