There are many wonderful benefits that one can enjoy just by drinking sufficient water daily. Some of the benefits include clearer skin, better bowel movement, preventing headaches and brain fogs. Though it may sound like a relatively easy task to accomplish, (it is really just drinking water) it is, in fact, an arduous one for many people. If you fall under this category, worry not. We have great and effortless tips that will help you reach for your cup of water and hit your daily requirement.


Temperature Matters

The first hack on the list is to switch your cold or room temperature water to warm water instead. So instead of starting your day with a glass of cold or room temperature water, reach for a warm one instead. This is because warm water can wash away the layer that coats your tongue and gums, while mildly removing the layer of saliva that coats your mouth. As saliva feels wetter than water in the mouth, when warm water coats the tongue after a glass of warm water, it is inevitable to feel a sense of dryness in the mouth, compared to before.

With this faux sense of dryness lingering till your mouth produce enough saliva to coat all the surfaces in your mouth, you will find yourself reaching out for an additional sip again and again. To make things easier for you at work, get a vacuum insulated flask for the task and you are pretty much set. Occasionally, take a cup of lukewarm water to rid the staged thirst and regulate the sense of dryness in your mouth.


Flavour Your Water with Tea

Give plain, boring tasting water some flavour that will have you enjoying it more than usual with your favourite blends of tea. Not only are you able to gain additional nutrients for your body, some types of tea can boost weight loss, rid cellulite and even stop the clock of ageing.

The key to note here is to ensure that you do not overdo it and cause harm to your body. So be sure to switch around fruit tea, floral tea, herbal tea and the ever-popular green tea. You may also want to consider enjoying the tea as a weak cold brew by placing two regular tea bags in a large 1-litre water bottle filled with cold or room temperature water for you to drink throughout the day. Refill and change the tea bags after the first use.


Fruit Infusions

For a refreshing and thirst-quenching way to flavour your drinking water, try fruit infused water! A simple and nutrient-packed recipe that you can start with is by adding slices of lemon to your water. Steeped in vitamin C and other amazing health benefits, lemon-infused water can boost your immune system, rid oxidative damages caused by free radicals and lighten your skin tone and dark spots. Apart from just lemon slices, you may like to try a few combinations that will tickle your fancy or fit the bill of your beauty needs. Our favourite? Cucumber and mint!


Sparkling Water

Can’t live without your cold fizzy drink? Reduce your sugar intake and make the switch to sparkling water instead. Your desire to gulp that carbonated drink by the can is highly linked to an addiction for the tingly sensation on your tongue and those little satisfying burps giving you an impression of having your thirst quenched immediately. Making the switch to sparkling water can give you the same effect without the calories or the insane amount of sugar. With that said, if you need a transition of a drink with some taste, try popping in some fruits like lemons, watermelon slices, strawberries and oranges for a lovely boost in flavour.


Suck on Ice Cubes

If water, in its liquid state, has no appeal to you, try sucking on ice cubes instead. Make yourself a tray of small cubes and enjoy it as a cold treat while you sit in front of the television or after meals. Alternatively, you can flavour the water with fruits and tea before freezing that into some colourful, delicious ice lollies to enjoy any time. Bonus benefits guaranteed for your health and skin with the additional vitamins when you add berries to make the icy treat.


Word Of Caution

Though it is advised for one to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day, which is equivalent to approximately 2 litres, it is only beneficial to consume the amount at different timings. This means that you should not be chugging by the litres in a sitting as this can cause harm and stress to your kidneys given the overwhelming load that it has to process in a single time. So bear in mind to sip up diligently and mindfully. Set an alarm reminder for every hour on your phone and make it a point to drink a mouthful or two of water. Good luck!