Out of all the health and beauty appointments that women visit throughout the year, waxing is considered as one of their most frequent appointment. For some women, it is considered an inconvenience of a bi-monthly, 30 minutes worth of painful experience.

Though the majority of women claim that it is worth it and that it will get better after every session, there is bound to be some pain you have to endure when getting a Brazilian wax. If you are new to waxing, it is generally better to start off with a basic bikini wax because it tends to be less painful. However, many women still decide to go for a Brazilian wax for many reasons: some believe it’s more hygienic and less messy during “that time of the month”, others want to prevent a wardrobe malfunction when they wear a bikini.

For individuals who are unaware, Brazilian waxing involves the removal of body hair in and around the pubic region. This can also mean getting a bikini wax, where hairs are being removed from areas that a small bikini bottom will not be able to cover. That said, the Brazilian wax includes the complete removal of hair from the front, around your labia, and butt crack (some call this The Hollywood).

With the pain of waxing in the back of many women’s mind, we have come up with a guide on how to make your waxing experience as painless as possible, whether you are treating your legs, arms or bikini line. Keep reading this article to find out more.


Things You Should Know About Brazilian Waxing

Brazilian waxing is an intimate hair removal technique that is used for removing all the hair around the pubic area. This type of hair removal technique allows men and women to comfortably wear their swimwear.

Due to its effectiveness and long-lasting results, waxing has become one of the most sought after hair removal treatments. So how long does a Brazilian wax last? In a normal case, Brazilian waxes last for an average of 3 to 6 weeks before the hair starts growing again.


What To Expect From Brazilian Waxing

There are bound to be individuals who will claim that Brazilian waxing “is not that bad” or “the pain does not last long” when it comes to a Brazilian wax for first-timers. Both may be true, but we will be lying to you if we had told you that it does not hurt a single bit.

Yes, it will somewhat hurt your skin especially if you are getting wax for the first time. In fact, some parts will tend to hurt more than others. Regardless of how painful a bikini wax may be, it is considered less painful compared to getting a Brazilian wax, where everything is removed in one go. If you are a modest person, you may find the procedure uncomfortable to deal with.

Firstly, you will be ushered and left alone in a private room where everything will be removed from the waist down. After which, you will be provided with paper panties and if not, do not feel embarrassed to ask for one. Speaking of it, you can also opt to keep your underwear on during the procedure. However, do take note the wax could stain and damage your underwear, so wear underwear that you want to get rid off. Just bear in mind that your technician has done it almost for the most part of her career. Since it is your first time getting a wax done, she will consult with you prior to getting your hair removed. She will also examine your hair length to ensure that the hair is long enough (1/4 inch is recommended) and ask how much you want to remove.


How To Make Waxing Painless

1. Exfoliate & moisturise

Get into the routine of exfoliating your whole body. This removes the layer of dry, dead skin, which will not only make waxing less painful, but it also helps to prevent ingrown hairs. Don’t forget to moisturise daily too, otherwise, you will encourage the build-up of dry skin.

2. Schedule For Regular Wax Sessions

It might not be the most glamorous appointment you attend, but it’s a simple fact that the more often you have a wax the easier and less painful it is. When you wax regularly, approximately every four weeks, it will help to remove the hair from the root without breaking under the surface of the skin. When hair breaks, this can result in ingrown hairs. Between wax visits, you should consider exfoliating and moisturising every day. Exfoliating can help to remove excess dead skin while moisturizing nourishes and keeps the skin healthy.

3. Time it wisely

To ensure that the wax can grip your hair, it needs to be at least one-eighth or one-fourth of an inch long so that it will leave you with a smooth finish. If the length of the hair is too short, it will not be able to hold, too long and it’ll take longer to hold (and hurt more). Do bear in mind to avoid getting wax before and after your period as your skin, particularly around the bikini area, can be sensitive. Therefore, it may be best to book your wax in the middle of your cycle as your threshold for pain is probably at its highest.