Runny mascara, patchy foundation and smudged lipstick — regardless of whether we are seasoned makeup veterans or makeup newbies, there are times whereby we unwittingly commit certain makeup mistakes that result in less than ideal looks. Instead of accentuating our best features, our makeup ends up drawing attention to the various imperfections that we would like to hide. Swollen, pus-filled zits, deep-set acne scars, ghastly-looking dark eye circles and wrinkles are all put on display during these makeup mishaps, making us feel disheartened and self-conscious. To make matters worse, they tend to occur during the most inconvenient timings like when we are strapped for time and about to rush out of our houses or in the midst of an important work related event. Consequently, we are then faced with the decision of removing all our makeup and going completely bare-faced or redoing our entire look.

Feeling angry and frustrated, we briefly contemplate the idea of investing in semi-permanent makeup, just so that we can be saved from the trouble of constantly correcting our makeup blunders. But alas, due to budget constraints and certain risks involved, we have no choice but to shelve our plans, thus leaving us to simmer in our rage against the usual culprits of our botched makeup attempts — shaky hands and the relentless humidity. After all, how many times have a seemingly perfect makeup look been ruined by the stifling, muggy weather or a case of unsteady, trembling hands? Coupled with inexperience and lack of practice in the field of makeup, this can prove to be especially disastrous for makeup beginners and cause them to become disheartened and discouraged.

As such, it is more important than ever that we possess the knowledge of what causes these makeup errors and how to deal with them whenever they occur. This will not only help us save a lot of time and effort that would have been otherwise spent on fixing these makeup mistakes but also reduce the amount of stress that some individuals experience during the makeup process. Asides from that, being aware of the proper makeup techniques can help in decreasing the probability of makeup mishaps and increasing the likelihood of attaining a flawless makeup look. With that in mind, let us share with you some of the common makeup blunders that many people often commit as well as how to rectify them as below.


Tips On Dealing With Typical Makeup Errors

It is probably something that you have heard for countless of times but always make sure to choose your beauty products based on your skin type. This is because using makeup products that are not suitable for your skin type can not only bring about various issues in the form of clogged pores, unsightly acne outbreaks and skin allergies but also affect its overall efficacy and appearance as well. For instance, if you have oily and acne-prone skin, avoid applying dewy foundations that can make your face appear sweaty and greasy. In addition, dewy foundations can also highlight any depressed acne scars or uneven skin texture that you may have, thus defeating the purpose of using it to create a ‘flawless looking’ complexion in the first place. On the other hand, if you possess dry skin, try to steer clear of powder or matte foundations that can emphasise your dull and flaky complexion.

Asides from that, don’t forget to factor in the type of activity and environment that your makeup will be exposed as well. For example, if you intend to go for a stroll in the park or lounge by the pool, opt for water resistant and budge proof makeup that can withstand perspiration and various weather elements. In addition, to ensure that your makeup stays in place and lasts throughout the day, finish off your makeup routine with a setting spray.

Most importantly, remember that as much we would like to completely prevent any makeup blunders from happening, it’s not entirely possible. Therefore, it’s best to learn how to fix them when they occur. Here are some tips on how to do so:

Use A Wet Makeup Blender Or Foundation To Cover Up Excessive Blush

Bring down the intensity and vibrancy of excessive blush by using a wet makeup blender to spread it out evenly throughout your cheeks and cheekbones. The moisture of the wet makeup blender will help absorb any surplus blush and allow for a more subtle yet rosy flush. Alternatively, you can also apply some foundation over the affected areas to make the strong blush less prominent looking.

Dab Cakey Foundation With Blotting Papers And Apply Moisturiser

When wearing makeup for long hours and under less than favourable weather conditions, there’s a strong likelihood that our foundation can become cakey. This can result in an unnatural finish and can exacerbate the visibility of any existing deep and sunken in acne scars that you may have. To counteract this, gently dab some oil blotting papers to absorb any sebum present on your face as well as the excess foundation before following up with some moisturiser. The moisturiser will aid in hydrating the skin, thus decreasing the possibility of unsightly cracks in your makeup as well as making it appear less pigmented.

Fix Smudged Lipstick With A Cotton Bud And Concealer

Nothing is more irksome than having your lipstick smudge halfway throughout your day. Troubleshoot this by slowly dabbing a wet cotton bud to the relevant areas around your mouth to remove the lipstick. After which, apply some concealer to hide it.