Do you always covet and have a desire for a slim face and V-Shaped face? Considered a pinnacle and mark of beauty in Asia, a V-Shaped face includes having a slim lower face, sharp chin, and defined jawline. Furthermore, individuals with V-Shaped face are regarded to be more youthful compared to their counterparts due to their more defined features. However, there is always 1 or 2 areas that you seem to put on extra weight first when an individual gains weight. Due to the weight gain, some individuals get a larger waistline while others get a rounder face due to fats stored in their face.

One of the first things that people notice in an individual is their physical appearance, particularly their face and it is no surprise that majority of us are preoccupied with wanting to put on our best foot forward in this modern society. Like it or not, our looks play a role in how we are judge and attractiveness is one aspect considered to be of utmost importance to humans. Partly due to our genes, some individuals have more masculine and feminine features based on their facial traits while other contributing factors include our lifestyle, diet. Due to modern day society where we opt for quick meals and other targeted weight loss methods such as fast foods, “spot treatment” crunches etc, this would cause us to consume snacks that are convenient, high in calories and could more often than not be one of the main contributors to our face putting on extra fat.

Weight loss itself is already a challenge on its own, not to mention losing fat from a specific part of your body. If that extra fat in your face is causing you plenty of frustration and you have tried various weight loss facial treatments to no avail, consider reading this article as we will be sharing with you some strategies and methods to help you lose fat in your face and achieve that V-Shaped face in no time!


What Is With That Coveted V-Shaped Face?

Embodied by Korean, Japanese and Chinese celebrities, models who have small, thin V-Shaped faces, have made a powerful impression on the masses and this look has taken the world by storm, judging from the number of products and services promising results. While these celebrities and models are able to achieve their ideal weight and image goals with easy access and availability to the best personal trainers and nutritionists who can help them with their weight management, who is not to say that ordinary folks are not able to achieve that coveted V-Shaped face?

The demands and realities of the modern society and the environment we live in cause immense stress and produce ample pollutants that can lead to fine lines, wrinkles as well as unwanted body fat in undesirable areas like the belly, thighs and especially the face. The shape our face goes through changes as we age and fat accumulates around our neck and jaw area, exacerbated by loosening skin.

While no one can truly and permanently stave off the signs of ageing and the power your genes have over you, there are certain exercises and diets that you can use to achieve a V-shaped face.


Tips To Lose Facial Fat

1. Facial Exercises

One of the best methods to improve your facial appearance, muscle strength improvements, and anti-ageing combatants include facial exercises! Besides toning your facial muscles, regular facial exercises can make your face appear much slimmer. Some popular facial exercises include inflating a closed mouth and pushing the air inside from side to side, having your lips puckered on alternating sides and holding a smile with your teeth clenched for several seconds at a time. Consider these set of facial muscle exercise at least twice a day for a period of 8 weeks for increased muscle thickness and an improvement in facial rejuvenation.

2. Adding Cardio As Part Of Your Routine

With excess body fat, our face is not spared from its effects. To aid you in your V-shaped victory, you will need to shed the extra pounds by increasing physical activity. If you have been sedentary, it is high time you keep your feet moving. Considered as one of the most effective weight loss methods, cardio exercises (also known as aerobic exercise) are forms of physical exercises meant to increase your heart rate. The body’s fat-burning is directly affected by the rate of your heartbeats; the faster it beats, the more you burn. To see effective weight and fat loss in your body, consider getting at least 150—300 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise per week which essentially refers to around 20—40 minutes of cardio each day. Some cardio exercise examples include running, swimming, biking etc.

3. Hydrate Yourself Regularly

If you are looking to lose any facial fat, do not neglect hydration. Drinking water to keep yourself full can help you keep unwanted calories away and keep your metabolism at optimal levels. What’s more, hydrating yourself regularly is crucial for your overall health and wellbeing. By drinking a large glass of water when you wake up, you can be sure to be in better control of your calorie intake from breakfast as well as kickstarting your metabolism first thing in the morning. With the increase in the number of calories burned over the period of the day, it can help to boost your weight loss efforts. Besides, staying well-hydrated can also help you to reduce fluid retention, preventing puffiness and bloating in your face.