With the advent of social media, a strong sense of perfectionism has been invoked in the vast majority of its users. All of a sudden, everyone is concerned with how perfect their makeup should look in their selfies, their clothes in those vacation pics, their dinners in those flat-lay shots, and the list goes on. The golden question still lies: how did it all turn into an endless pursuit for perfection?

Driven by non-stop comparison, the unhealthy desire to be perfect can take a toll on your mental wellbeing. This ultimately creates unnecessary stress, which can wreak havoc on your health in the long run. Since there is always going to be somebody else who is better than you, why not simply be content with what you have? They always say “nobody is ever perfect”, which is cliche but also undeniably true. Accept yourself and embrace your imperfections because they are what makes you, well, you. Don’t get caught up in the never-ending race to be perfect and miss out on all the little moments because you are too busy feeling obligated to be flawless in every aspect of your life.

Instead, renew your mindset and think positive thoughts. Learn to love your flaws and soon, you will find that it will make you feel much relieved and excited to live your best life. After all, life is what you make it, and why spend the most part of it comparing yourself to others and chasing after outlandish or unattainable ideals?

However, this does not mean that you should give up completely but strive for improvement instead. Improvement within your own means, without the unhealthy comparison, can help you to grow as an individual. On the other hand, pursuing perfection only sets you up for exhaustion and frustration in the long run. Celebrate your imperfections, set realistic expectations, and be content with what makes you unique by keeping these 5 useful tips in mind.


There’s Only One Of ‘You’ In This World

The imperfections in our lives are what make us unique and give us character. Don’t just conform to social media’s standards and strip away your individuality. Instead, be proud of yourself and all your accomplishments thus far. And on that note, make sure to celebrate every little victory and don’t get hung up on your mistakes. Doing so will help you get into a positive headspace and set attainable expectations for yourself. Aside from embracing everything that sets you apart from others, it is always good to take time to reflect on the things that you have achieved.


Loving Yourself Makes You Healthier

Celebrating your imperfections and loving yourself can put you in a positive headspace that paves the way to healthier mental wellbeing. As we all know, decreasing stress levels is key to a healthier, glowing complexion and a bevy of health benefits. Besides, being kinder to yourself can help to strengthen your sense of worthiness and allow you to feel and look more confident. Avoid obsessing over ways to eliminate your “imperfections”, because more often than not, these perceived flaws are all in your head and can make you feel inadequate. You should instead aim to improve yourself based on practical and wholesome qualities, such as wisdom or compassion, to become a better individual.


Liberate Yourself

As you start to accept the unique aspects that are a part of who you are, it can quite literally lift a burden off your chest and free yourself. Not to mention, it can be extremely liberating to get out of a negative headspace constantly puts you through a vicious cycle of self-hate and self-deprecation. Walk away from the things that no longer serve you in life, and sometimes that can be your mindset too. Renew your perspective on yourself and be prepared to feel empowered through self-acceptance.


Enjoy The Journey

The path to unconditional self-acceptance is a long journey, which can be fulfilling yet tough at the very same time. To make it all easier for you, enjoy the process. Besides, appreciating every aspect of this journey can help you to discover new facets of yourself and understand yourself a little more in every step of the way. Perfection is never the endgame in life, but instead, self-love. Celebrating every part of the journey just helps to change up your perspective to rid your mind of all the negative thoughts and allow you to radiate positivity.


It Breeds Compassion

The idea of embracing imperfections goes beyond how you view yourself, but the people around you as well. This helps to breed compassion within our hearts and ultimately allows us to be more accepting of others. Celebrate difference, because how boring would it be if everyone were exact clones of each other? Being more empathetic means finding the beauty in what makes people unique and different. And doing so just simply makes the world a better place to live in.